C14 telescope

Celestron C14The Observatory is also equipped with a more modern and more powerful instrument - a Celestron 14. It is a telescope which works with mirrors, as is generally the case with performant instruments. This one is a Schmidt-Cassegrain - that is, it has a hyperbolic and concave secondary mirror in the same axis as the primary mirror, which reflects light back through a hole pierced in the primary mirror itself. The image can then be observed through an eyepiece at the end of the tube. This instrument, with a primary mirror of 40cm diameter can capture about 1800 times more light than the naked eye; the diameter of the eyes' pupil is only 5mm!

In order to increase the stability of the instrument we have opted for a German mount. The electronic pilot automatically follows observed objects by compensating for the rotation of the Earth. Our NGC-Max guiding system contains the coordinates of thousands of objects and greatly helps with the aiming of the telescope.