Public visits: Nightly observations

Booking mandatory

For logistical reasons, we request that visitors book their visit in the week before the event. The number of visitors is limited to 30 and to a maximum of 5 persons (including children) per booking. Events without bookings will not take place.

The registered visitors are expected to be there at the start of the visit; the Observatory doors will be closed once the visit has begun

The Observatory of Épendes is open free to the public every Friday evening in all weathers. The opening hours are as follow:

  • from November to March: 19.00–21.00,
  • in April and from September to October: 21.00–23.00,
  • from May to August: 22.00–24.00.

Observation of the night sky

Commented observations with telescopes during about 2 hours. You will learn how to identify constellations. Observation of the Moon and different planets, depending on their visibility. When good atmospheric conditions and very clear sky prevail, observation of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters will also be possible. You can read more about the stars of the actual sky here.

In bad weather or bad visibility, a conference will be proposed. The observatory is open in all weathers. Don't forget to dress warmly!

Film of an evening of observation

Download a high resolution version of the film