A valuable pedagogical instrument: the planetary trail

Brochure sentier planétaireTo represent the huge distances between the planets of our solar system is a difficult task. In order to make the understanding of those distances easier, we have a model at a scale of one billionth : the planetary trail of Marly. It goes from the parking of the Corbaroche sports centre in Marly to the Ependes Observatory and beyond, through a magnificent natural landscape, lined with detailed explanatory boards. You will need about one hour and a half to walk from the Sun to Pluto.

The planetary trail of Marly was fully renovated in May 2004 for the 20th anniversary of the Ependes Observatory, thanks to a collaboration between the municipality of Marly and the staff of the Observatory. An explanatory booklet (in French and German only) is available at the Pro Tennis restaurant at Corbaroche, at the local administration of Marly or at the Ependes Observatory.